Pediatric Chiropratic Care

Our pediatric chiropractor at True Health Chiropractic & Rehab in Merrillville, IN treats infants and children of all ages for numerous health problems. Chiropractic care is a beneficial health treatment for children that can help a lot of different issues from simple bedwetting to more complex issues such as ear infections.



Even infants can benefit from chiropractic treatment. The treatments are so gentle that infants often sleep through them. Colic is severe abdominal pain caused by gas or an obstruction in the babies’ intestines. This pain often happens around the same time every day and lasts a few hours where your baby cries non-stop and may curl up or stiffen their body. Colic usually starts around three weeks of age.

A chiropractor can adjust the infant’s spine using one finger and very gently apply pressure in different areas of the spine. Parents can usually see results after one or two treatments. This is a very delicate treatment and should not be attempted by anyone other than a licensed chiropractor.

Birth Trauma

Infants can experience trauma before or during birth if the mothers’ birth canal is narrow and if the birth is long or difficult. The use of internal tools to help the birth progress can also cause trauma. The most common type of birth trauma is in the neck and upper spine, however, trauma can sometimes be found in the middle and lower back. Chiropractic treatments can correct any misalignments in a few visits.


A chiropractor can help with bedwetting by adjusting the nerves in and near the spine that control bladder control. Parents should know that bedwetting is a common issue for many children. It can also be a sign of an underlying condition, especially if it comes on suddenly without it being a previous issue. It is always best to have your child examined by their pediatrician.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be very common in children and many children end up with tubes in their ears to help the fluid drain. Chiropractic adjustments boost the immune system and can fight off the infection on its own.


Asthma can be better controlled and the number of attacks reduced with chiropractic treatments. Our chiropractor does this by helping the nerves and spine to work optimally. When the spine is aligned properly it can move better allowing your ribcage to have a larger range of motion.

Types of Pediatric Chiropractic Treatments

The list above is just a few of the pediatric chiropractic treatments we offer our littlest patients at True Health Chiropractic & Rehab in Merrillville, IN. Call us today at (219) 769-7787 to make an appointment.


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