Whiplash FAQs

Whiplash is among the most common auto accident injuries. If not treated with immediacy, it can cause severe chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. At True Health Chiropractic & Rehab in Merrillville, IN, we provide effective whiplash treatment to help our patients live pain-free.


What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck and shoulder injury caused by the strain of the neck’s soft tissue. If your neck experiences sudden back and forth movement during an accident, it hurts your muscles and ligaments. Consequently, you get a whiplash injury.

What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

Each person reacts differently to whiplash. Some may experience the symptoms soon, while for others, it may take some time. So, do not cross off whiplash from the list too soon. Some of the common whiplash symptoms you may observe include:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Dizziness
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck or back spasms
  • Headache
  • Swallowing or chewing challenges
  • Arm pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances

Severe whiplash can also affect the vertebra, ligaments, and spinal nerves.

What Are The Different Whiplash Treatments That Exist?

While most people will grab over-the-counter medicine to relieve their pain, these drugs only mask the pain and can result in complications in the future. However, with a proper diagnosis through examining your physical symptoms and X-rays, you can get treated. There are various treatments such as chiropractic care (non-surgical and drug-free treatment).

How Does Chiropractic Care Help with Whiplash?

Chiropractic care involves the use of non-invasive and chiro techniques that help your body heal naturally. If you experience whiplash symptoms after a car accident and visit the True Health Chiropractic and Rehab, our chiropractor will ask you what symptoms you have. He/she will then go further to ask for an X-ray to make the right diagnosis.

Depending on your whiplash injury severity, our chiropractor will develop a treatment plan for you. You will visit our center at the specified times for complete healing and pain elimination. Some of the techniques that the chiropractor may use include massage therapy, trigger point therapy, spinal manipulation, and physical therapy.

Unlike the use of pain medicines, the chiropractor will deal with the cause of the pain. You don’t have to deal with post-surgery discomfort and drug dependency either. Visit us today in Merrillville, IN, for effective whiplash treatment.

What Other Benefits Can I Get by Visiting a Chiropractor?

Beyond been non-invasive and drug-free, chiropractic care helps you with your personal injury case. After a car accident, the chiropractor keeps detailed records of your injuries showing the severity and the possible cause. He/she can provide your personal injury lawyer with essential information that helps him/her to secure the right compensation for you.

Visit True Health Chiropractic and Rehab for Effective Whiplash Treatment

Are you experiencing whiplash symptoms after a car accident? True Health Chiropractic and Rehab Merrillville, IN, offers you effective whiplash treatment. Our chiropractor will use non-invasive and drug-free treatment to help you live pain-free again. Call (219) 769-7787 to schedule your appointment.


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