Work Injury

Chiropractic for Treating Work Injuries

Did you recently get hurt at work? Are you looking for ways that can actually help you heal, reduce your pain, and get back to work as soon as possible? If you are in the Merrillville, IN, area, then come to True Health Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Our chiropractors are experts when it comes to treating work injuries and improving the health of patients. 


What is a Work Injury? 

A work-related injury is trauma or illness that you get or suffer during the course and scope of employment. There are three types of work-related injuries: physical injuries, occupational illnesses, and repetitive stress (also known as 'wear and tear') injuries. 

  • Physical injuries: Physical injuries are the most common type of work-related injury. They can result from job duties (for example, straining your back while lifting something), someone else's action (like being hit by a vehicle at a construction site), or general physical injuries suffered at the workplace (for example, falling down the stairs or slipping and falling on the surface). The most common parts of the body affected by physical injuries are bones, muscles, head, face, back, neck, and shoulders. 
  • Occupational illnesses: This type of work injury occurs when an employee is exposed to a physical, chemical, or biological agent at the workplace that causes illnesses. For instance, if you work at a hospital, you may be exposed to contagious diseases spread by patients. 
  • Repetitive stress injuries:  As the name says, repetitive stress injuries are the gradual damage of a nerve, muscle, or tendon caused by continual movement or overuse. For example, many office employees who work in front of the computer for long periods may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. 

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help? 

Most of the work injuries are musculoskeletal injuries, and this is what chiropractic specializes in exactly. Such work injuries as ligament strains, muscle strain, and back and neck issues can be effectively treated with the help of chiropractic treatment.

Common treatment methods used by a chiropractor for workplace injuries are the following: 

  • Spinal adjustments:  A chiropractor uses spinal adjustments to align the spine, which improves its functionality, range of motion, and flexibility. 
  • Exercise therapy: If you suffer from any repetitive stress injury, exercise therapy is a perfect treatment option for you. It helps to reduce stress and tension and manage the pain caused by the injury. 
  • Acupuncture: This ancient art therapy activates the healing responses of the body, improves circulation in the soft tissues, and alleviates pain, which all helps you to recover from your work injury.

Chiropractic Clinic in Merrillville, IN, That You Can Trust

Here at True Health Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we are focused on improving the health of our patients, helping them to get rid of their pain, and get them back to a normal healthy life. We provide the finest chiropractic services, including many types of work injury treatment. If you are from Merrillville, IN, and you are suffering from the injury received in the workplace, do not hesitate to contact us at 219-769-7787 and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced chiropractors.


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