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Dr. Jeremy Turley

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""My visit to True Health was a wonderful experience. After suffering from bad headaches all the time, within a few visits with Dr. Debra - they were pretty much gone . I would highly recommend anyone with headaches or any kind of back and/or neck pains to visit True Health.""
    - Amber R.
  • ""Since my 8 year old daughter has been going to True Health she has not wet the bed and that was something she was having problems with. Her posture has improved, her headaches are not as frequent, and she is doing so much better. My youngest son was having problems with migraines and he is no longer getting them; he is now doing a lot better as well. My husband, who is a truck driver, was also having many problems with his knee and lower back. Other doctors kept telling him there was nothing wrong. Well now it has been fixed and they will continue to work on it (to keep him out of pain). Myself - I was a complete mess! I could not bend without pain and now I am able to bend. I had really hurt my chest bone and collar bone and was in bad shape. But not now because of my treatments on my ribs, neck, back, and hips! I believe in them so much that I have referred all of my friends and family to True Health.""
    - Shannon R. and family
  • ""I recommend True Health Chiropractor to the entire family! I appreciate all the different treatments that they used to make me feel better. I love the personal bedside manner. They make you feel like you are at home & not in a doctor's offfice. In a short time we felt a connection like no other experience we had before. If you want TRUE results then pick up the phone and make a call to see the best in Chiropractic care in NWI!""
    - Jennifer C.
  • "When I think of Dr. Jeremy Turley and Dr. Debra Corum a few things come to mind… ethical, personable, and integrity. Both Dr. Turley and Dr. Corum have the uncanny ability to make everyone that walks through their doors feel at ease. I am amazed at how they can provide peace of mind for patients that are struggling through something difficult. They are honest, hardworking individuals that are constantly researching new techniques or treatment methods so that they can provide the most state of the art treatments for the patients they have and the potential patients they meet.

    My experience has been better than anything I could have ever imagined. They were able to set me up on the path to achieving my own “True Health”. I am still amazed that Dr. Corum was able to get someone like me that is deathly afraid of needles acupuncture and it is now something I thoroughly enjoy doing when I come in."
    - Kyle Y.
  • "Deep cleaning the house today and feeling really good. Not bad considering just a few short weeks ago I wasn't able to do much for any length of time. I owe it all to True Health and Dr. Corum's adjustments and acupuncture. I'm a believer!"
    - Tammy G.
  • ""I was a patient of Dr. Corum at Logan College of Chiropractic University Programs in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Corum helped me with work related muscular and joint problems. I had experienced chronic pain in my forearms and hands to the point that even lifting a milk jug was painful and I had to use both hands to lift. Under Dr. Corum's care, I became pain free and have increased mobility. I looked forward to my weekly visits because I knew I would get instant relief and improvement plus Dr. Corum is a joy to work with. Dr. Corum is a caring and sensitive Chiropractor who I highly recommend. She listens to your concerns and needs for a positive patient experience. I wish Dr. Corum and her associates much success at True Health.""
    - Mary M.


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